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Some of the largest companies on the planet hire my students. Scroll down to find out who and why.








Those are just a few of the larger companies that my students are currently working for.

They also work for a number of amazing smaller firms 
in the US, UK, Canada, Spain, France, Thailand, China, Japan, etc... 
but they don’t last on the job market long.

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speaking at a conference

Who the **** is Chris Courtney?

Designer? Speaker? Mentor? Really, I am all of those things but in the spirit of full transparency, I’ll let better people than myself tell you who I am:

“The impact that Chris had on my life/career is hard to put into words without sounding totally over the top. Thanks to Chris I landed the job ... just a couple weeks after completing the program.”

Sam Hankins

Lead Designer, The Coral Project at Mozilla

“Chris Courtney is exactly what you would expect of a dedicated, supportive and encouraging mentor, and then some. He is an incredibly genuine person; he works with you with your success in mind, pushing you to achieve nothing less than your best.”

Zoë Chinonso Ene

Designer, Microsoft

“Chris not only opened a whole new set of doors of opportunity for our students at CampSND, he pushed me to learn more as well, and helped me shape the direction of my classes moving forward. He did this in a supportive, constructive way that the students related to and thrived on.”

Richard Epps

Professor, Michigan State University

“Chris Courtney is superhuman and puts everything he has into this program. It is incredibly inspiring to have someone like Chris knocking down walls and paving the way for all of us at Bloc. He is a fierce advocate for our design program, its mentors and students, and I consider myself very lucky to be on the team that he leads.”

Alissa Likavec

Design Program Squad Lead, Bloc

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